Schedule & FAQ

Baron’s streaming hours are:
M-F 10AM – 2PM, & 4PM – 8 PM CST
Saturday/Sunday 10AM – 2PM CST

Channel Rules
1. Be friendly and positive.
2. Keep chat PG-13.
3. Don’t spam, troll, or harass others.
4. No spoilers or backseat gaming.
5. Don’t discuss ad blockers.


Baron streams space and sci-fi titles primarily. His main title is Star Citizen. Other common games include Kerbal Space Program, Elite: Dangerous, EVE Online, Stellaris, Dreadnought, and soon No Man's Sky. From time to time, Baron goes off topic and streams general variety new releases if there's something exciting that captures his interest.
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Baron flies with two joysticks in Star Citizen: a VKB Fat Black Mamba Mk. III for his primary joystick, and a Thrustmaster T-16000M in his left hand.

He also uses Saitek Pro Flight Combat pedals and TrackIR.

Please contact a channel moderator during a broadcast! The Knights of Baronia are going to be growing soon.
BNG is currently not soliciting new unpartnered streamers. If you are a partnered broadcaster with a focus on Star Citizen or other space/sci-fi games and would like to be considered, please contact baron directly.